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This article discusses ringworms in humans as well as provides an overview of ringworms treatment through answers provided by a medical specialist and the use of ringworms pictures.


I am a 31-year old man who would like to know about ringworms. Can you provide me an overview in layman’s terms with ringworms treatment and ringworm pictures so that I can better understand my condition?


(Response by Dr. A Richardson, MD, a guest respondent)

Ringworm is known by the medical term of tinea corporis. It is a common fungal infection that comes from microscopic organisms called dermatophytes. These organisms survive by consuming the dead outer layers of skin on humans and animals. The name comes from the fact that, originally, people believed that the infection came from a worm. Although it was later concluded that it did not, the name has stuck. However, the part of the name that does hold true is the fact that the ring worm rash forms an irregular circle on the skin, leaving normal-looking skin in the middle area, which gives the appearance of a ring. The infection makes it look like there is a worm curled up under the skin’s surface. You may have also heard ringworm referred to as “jock itch” or “athlete’s foot.” This means that the person either has ringworm on their groin area or on their feet.

The fungus tends to grow on skin, hair or nails. Symptoms include itching, dry and reddened skin, and sores. Ringworm is spread through direct and indirect contact with an infected person, animal, or object. Those most at risk include people in warm, humid climates; those who have direct contact with someone or something that has an obvious infection; or someone who may suffer from a weakened immune system due to diabetes, leukemia, or AIDS.

Treatment usually involves cream, shampoo, or oral medication. These solutions can be prescribed by a doctor or obtained as an over-the-counter product. With treatment, symptoms usually go away within four weeks. It is important to keep your body and clothes clean, dry and free of contact with other possible people or objects that may be infected.

It is very important that you seek proper treatment. If left untreated, ringworm can spread to other areas of the body and cause other complications, including bacterial infections, dermatitis, or other skin disorders.

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